Lovely to see you here! Hopefully this page can be of inspiration to you, as we share our experiences with renovating our home.

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Weird Dates?
Don't get confused about the dates of the posts. I didn't have time to blog, when we started the project, but I'm dating posts at the actual date, when things happened. Hence the huge delay on some posts.


Currently there are kind of TWO important tracks. Phase 1 and Phase 2. See more below.
The full blog includes everything. Also 'present' posts written almost at the day they happened.

Phase 1

Read about the kitchen, utility room and the first bathroom. The latest posts are shown here.
See all Phase 1 blog posts.

Phase 2

Read about the living room. The latest posts are shown here.
See all Phase 2 blog posts.

Enjoy - and feel free to comment on the individual posts, if you want. The comment-thingy should be fixed now.